About Us

ATIS Automation was born upon the union of great talented engineers and technicians with extensive experience in Residential Automation and Integration of sophisticated Business Centers. During these years we’ve been able to participate and develop projects with the highest quality levels, exceeding industry standards and establishing a baseline in the industry that has raised the expectations of our clients and friends.

Highlights of our active participation:

Project: Executive Resort.

– Location: Ensenada, B.C. / 2008
– Features: Executive Complex that includes 14 dedicated rooms, executive boardroom, conference rooms, Full bar, Wine room, Formal living room, Casual living rooms, and open sitting area as well as amenity areas.
– Design and engineering: Distributed Audio automation system and full control of common areas, with shared audio sources as XM radio, iPod local source for each room, Lutron lighting centralized system, MechoShade curtains, screen controls for each room, Crestron automation systems with touch screens programmed with custom interfaces, everything placed in strategic points on public areas.
The executive boardroom is fully equipped with an assorted set of intelligent and programmable devices with top brands as: Digital Projection, JBL Speakers, QSC Amplifiers, Draper Screens, Audio Technica, FSR Video Processors, Biamp Nexia and Aphex Audio Processor, utilizing AMX equipment for integration, automation and control. The whole system was centralized in an IT site, properly protected with a full system that controls and maintains the optimum humidity temperature.

Project: New City Residential Complex.

– Location: Tijuana, B.C. / 2008
– Features: Apartment towers with a luxury all inclusive concept.
– Design and engineering: Configured packages for apartments ranging from simple basic audio systems, to fully controlled lighting, and dedicated Home Theater systems,  access controls and CCTV solutions.

Project: Casa Yvonne.

– Location: Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S. / 2009
– Features: This project marked a milestone for us. It was our first remote project and the first of many in Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S. Here we really made a great positive impact on homeowners with our proposal because of the ease of use and flexibility of the systems installed.
– Design and Engineering: Distributed Audio throughout the house, Distributed Video, Family Home Theater, Lighting in common areas, Full access control and CCTV systems, dedicated equipment racks in strategic locations and other technical requested details.

Project: El Dorado Beach Club (Various projects)

– Location: Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S. / 2009
– Features: In coordination with some of the most distinguished architectural firms and builders, we participated in these ambitious private residential projects.
– Design and Engineering: Distributed Audio, Distributed Video, Family Home Theater, Centralized Lighting, Access control and CCTV systems (upon owner request) dedicated equipment racks in strategic locations.
The relationship with developers and architectural firms was so smooth and successful that we actively participated in the Design, Engineering, Programming and Installation of additional projects in the city such as Casa Basset, Casa Hanauer I and II, Casa Gupta, Casa Flynn, Casa Harman, Casa Barton and Casa Donegan.

Project: Green View Tower

– Location: Tijuana B.C. / 2009
– Features: New project in the heart of the city. The Tower concept includes advanced solutions for people who have an active contemporary lifestyle and require access and control of their homes at all times from any place in the planet.
– Design and engineering: Showroom design controlled via a Crestron automation system, Distributed audio, Distributed lighting control, Home Theater, Air conditioning and Electric blinds. These packages were configured according to the specific needs of each resident with unlimited scalable options.

Project: Casino Hipodromo Agua Caliente

– Location: Tijuana, B.C. / 2009
– Features: Located in the historic Agua Caliente Racetrack, this operation required a highly complex system, with a very rare specs list, targeted to a niche of security specialists in the game industry.
– Design and Engineering: Complete system security via Specialized CCTV solution at all game tables, with high-definition cameras, and DVR’s able to support the demands and use of the company needs.

Project: Casa Bonita

– Location: San Diego, CA / 2010
– Features: The owners were seeking for cutting edge solutions for a contemporary design home, in order to recreate a carefree lifestyle and worry-free access to all required solutions right in the palm of their hands.
– Design and Engineering: Distributed Audio, Distributed Video with Digital Media solution, Dedicated Home Theater, full lighting control, Automated Shade control, access control and CCTV systems, dedicated racks in strategic areas, pool control and amenities in family main garden.

Project: Construction Finton Con/ El Dorado Beach Club and Resort.

– Location: Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S. / 2011
– Features: A business partnership with construction firms was established in order to deliver solutions with very modern features and agile access.
– Design and engineering: Integration, Installation and Programming of Distributed Audio, Distributed Video, Lighting Control, Air conditioning system control, motorized window curtains and shades, Dedicated Home Theater, pool and amenities controls

For many years we have visited a large number of homes, new developments, major renovations and new solutions, which have given us the opportunity to test lots of products, software, applications and many devices that has enabled us to deliver the most innovative solutions in the market, while meeting the expectations of our customers and providing them with technical support so they can enjoy their investments for many years to come.

ATIS Automation Team.